Friday, November 1, 2013

I Have Amazing Friends

When we're little, we just want to be independent.
I can do it myself.
As we grow, we learn how 
And we do a lot of things on our own.
Housework, laundry, cooking, work.

Then sometimes life throws a curve ball.
And our physical capacities just aren't the same.
Age, accident, injury, whatever it is,
At that point we find we need help.

 But sometimes we get stuck 
In the "little child" mentality.
When that happens to me,
I try to do it myself,
Even when it isn't very productive.

Then I have good friends
Who persistently remind me they want to serve
And then keep reminding me
Even when I flip out on them.

And that is why
I am really grateful
For my amazing friends.

I am blessed.
The End.