Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Cheer

My friend was late to Family Home Evening tonight. But when he walked in, his apology was this - sorry I'm late, but I was totally charmed by the complete double rainbow!

Sure enough, when we ran outside to look, you could still see all of one and some of the second rainbow, from ground to ground, making a huge arc in the sky. It was amazing. (I didn't take a picture, so you'll just have to imagine it. Or Google it. Other people did take pictures, apparently.)

Then we all had a wonderful discussion on a conference talk and visited a while.

It cheered me up and helped me forget about the challenges of the day.

I'm grateful for friends who remind me to stop and look for rainbows.

They are a reminder of how much our Father in Heaven loves us.

(The friends and the rainbows.)

Happy Monday!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Neglected Blog and 10 Things to Smile About

Oops. I missed an entire month. Apparently I never post anymore. So here is something to make up for that.

Yesterday was Fast Sunday, the first Sabbath of the month, where we voluntarily go without food and drink for two meals and donate the value of the meals to the church as a fast offering. I also focus my prayers and thoughts on something important and seek revelation from my Father in Heaven as I fast. It's a wonderful opportunity to grow spiritually, and I generally appreciate Fast Sundays.

This weekend I was not mentally or physically prepared for it. Saturday was hot (think 87 degrees inside) and humid. It had been a busy week, so I hadn't thought about what I wanted to fast for. After dinner Saturday evening, I still needed to clean the house and carry air conditioning units up from the basement - not work one should do without drinking a lot of water when the house is like an oven. Or maybe a sauna. Anyway, I didn't actually start thinking about this fast until just before I went to bed. So I admitted my failure to prepare and asked for His help anyway, and the Lord answered my prayers. It always amazes me when I am abundantly blessed after putting forth what seems like a very little effort. I am grateful that God loves us like that.

Yesterday I also went with two lovely friends to Mt. Auburn cemetery. It is one of my favorite places in Cambridge. We saw ponds with fish and frogs, willow trees blowing in the wind, and my favorite place - Consecration Dell - which is just peaceful and happy. It was good for my soul.

I will also share 10 Things to Smile About for May in an effort to spread good cheer. This is something my cousin Emmy Mom does. I always think it is a good idea but usually don't get further than that. :-)

1. The Boston temple. A group of friends came with me on Memorial Day morning and it was a truly awesome experience.
2. Discovering most of a season of Studio C that I hadn't seen on BYU TV - and the app that lets me watch it on my iPhone. Laughter is good for the soul.
3. Air conditioners. What a blessed invention!
4. Spring flowers.
5. Dinner with my uncle from Kentucky! Chipotle always tastes better when you eat it with people you love.
6. A photo scavenger hunt adventure, complete with getting pulled over by a police officer.
7. New clothes.
8. Successfully accomplishing a goal.
9. A trip to Ogunquit, ME, and a walk along the Marginal Way.
10. It's fruit smoothie season!!! YUM.