Thursday, September 24, 2015

Random Thoughts for a Thursday

I spent my evening with people I love in a place that feels like home. Except for the parts that have changed since I left. It was nothing big; a table gone here, turn left instead of right there, some different faces in familiar spaces... but it was just enough to remind me that I am not just Boston anymore. I am Boston-in-Salt-Lake now. And that is an OK thing to be.

My hair is growing. I had my first haircut about 2 weeks ago. My stylist didn't cut much off, but she did start shaping it so it looks more intentional. It is fun to have hair again. I like it. Except that it is long enough that I get awesome bedhead now. So I actually have to style it. (Or at least get it wet and calm the sticking-up parts in the mornings...)

I am learning (still) that it will take a long time to fully recover from chemo/radiation/cancer. The good news is that I can still get pre-boarding status on an airplane without feeling guilty.

My latest adventure is that I have been going to physical therapy to resolve some muscle contracture I developed after radiation therapy. It is interesting. I never expected physical therapy to be hard, but it is. It doesn't feel hard when I'm doing it, but when I'm done, I am the exhausted-and-then-some kind of tired. I haven't decided yet whether that's because it's PT (and it's supposed to be hard) or if it's because I have to add a 30-minute drive + 60 minutes of PT + another 30 minute drive + rush hour traffic to my day once a week. Both are entirely feasible reasons. At any rate, it appears to be helping, so I will keep it up.

And last but not least... My new house has furniture. Not a lot, but enough for now. I am having fun making plans for how to decorate/organize/paint and generally settle in. Lots of the projects I have in mind won't happen for a year or two or five, and that's just fine. I bought it knowing it would be a long-term project. The lack of blog posts can be conveniently blamed on the fact that I don't have internet set up yet either... It's weird to be disconnected at home, but not so weird that I'm willing to pay what they're asking for an internet connection. Yet. :-)