Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Other Side of the Fence

Three years ago, I was driving home one night talking with my good mother about my latest problems. I couldn't understand how what was going on in my life could possibly be good for me, and felt very confused as to how growth and happiness could come from such difficult circumstances. It was a hard thing to face - one of the hardest things I had faced yet.

I survived. I even thrived, after a while. As time went on, I was grateful to check off that set of experiences as something in the past and move on to happier and more pleasant challenges.

Now a new set of challenging opportunities is before me. It is, I think, as equally stressful and complex, although in slightly different ways, as the aforementioned problem. However, I feel (for the most part) a sense of peace about what is coming.  Even though it's coming at me with the speed of a locomotive crossing an uninhabited part of Kansas. 

The thought occurred to me this morning: you have been prepared for this. And this time, instead of wanting to turn around and run, I walk into the opportunity feeling confident that I will succeed - because I have confidence in The Plan, the plan, and in personal revelation.

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  1. I'm glad you feel at peace with things. You can do this Liz. We (in our home) have confidence in you who are and your abilities to succeed. Love you!